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About us
HSP is a Namibian diamond cutting and polishing factory. A Turkish/Namibian joint venture, HSP became an NDTC Sightholder in 2007 when NDTC was created.

The HSP family is 70 strong, with 95% previously disadvantaged Namibians, and of which 60% are female. HSP boasts of a highly skilled Namibian workforce benefiting from ten years of experience. The production is fully under Namibian management and workforce. HSP uses the latest and most advanced technology, including the Sarin Galaxy, in manufacturing its high-value and high-quality rough diamonds. The polished diamonds are either sold locally or exported to Antwerp for global distribution.

HSP has since its inception taken 'beneficiation' in Namibia to its core, above and beyond diamond cutting and polishing. HSP has developed a thorough Namibian branding strategy and heavily supports Namibian jewellers in the diamond jewellery trade through financing, seminars, products and services. It is a leading supplier of polished diamonds in Namibia and has established key partnerships with the Namibian jewellery industry through its local branding strategies. Consumers can find certified HSP branded polished diamonds in most Namibian jewellery stores.
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