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Mission Statement
Our Mission

To create value and make a difference! To 'beneficiate'!

Our Vision

To make HSP a globally competitive Namibian diamond cutting & polishing factory through sustainable growth, and ensuring maximum 'beneficiation' for Namibian diamonds through foreign investment, job creation, skill transfer, value addition and branding while living up to our corporate social responsibilities.
  • Partners: Work closely with our suppliers and our clients to maximize competitive advantage and value addition;
  • People: Develop a skilled working environment promoting teamwork and encouraging people to reach their full potential;
  • Productivity: Use the best technology to compliment a highly skilled workforce to deliver a high-quality and efficient manufacturing process;
  • Products: Continue to develop and create exclusive products and personalized services;
  • Profit: Focus on long term sustainability to maximize returns by remaining highly versatile; and
  • Planet: Provide opportunities for the most disadvantaged, unskilled and unemployed, while doing our share to promote local community and environment.

Our Values
  • Commitment: Pursue our vision vigorously, not allowing impediments to discourage us, but rather engage us further, while honoring our obligations;
  • Accountability: Ensure the highest level of consumer confidence in diamonds by applying the Best Practice Principles and live up to our status of Supplier of Choice with a guarantee of the highest standard of corporate governance;
  • Passion: Be committed to result driven 'beneficiation' and value addition in Namibia;
  • Partnerships: Work with stakeholders to achieve our common goals, by listening to their needs;
  • Integrity: Support our products with our partners;
  • Quality: Ensure world-class products; and
  • Leadership: Be constructively discontent and focus on consolidation and innovation while remaining responsive to change ahead of the competition.
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