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De Beers suspected giving preferential deals to 'sweetheart' Sightholders.
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Laurelton (Tiffany) closes its diamond factory in Windhoek, giving another major blow to beneficiation.
    'Beneficiation' is a word soon to take its place in the English vocabulary. No longer content for mining companies to simply invest, extract and export, African countries seek to get more value out of their natural resources, both directly and indirectly.

    Directly, they require shareholding in these mining ventures, as for instance in Namibia and Botswana. Indirectly, they want greater value addition by processing these raw materials further down the value chain before exporting.

    Key elements of 'beneficiation' are: 
    • foreign investment
    • local equity
    • job creation
    • technology transfer
    • skill transfer
    • value addition
    • branding 
    These activities are dependent on local services, such as banking, hotels, insurance, etc... and thus further add to the host economy.

    HSP and 'beneficiation'
    HSP is a driving force in every aspect of 'beneficiation'. A true believer in the potential of direct supply and mutual beneficiation, it has engaged from its inception in bringing to Namibia all key elements for a successful 'beneficiation' operation. HSP boasts of a significant foreign investment, local equity through a joint venture with Namibian partners, employs over 70 Namibians who manage and operate the complete production line, using the most advanced technologies available and producing top quality diamonds to compete globally and supply locally to Namibian jewellers to further add value. 

    This model has been reinforced by HSP's Namibian branding strategy. To consolidate the HSP brand, the Namibian diamond proposition comes packaged with:
    • Proprietary cut, the Namibian Sun®
    • HSP Tamper Proof Diamond Seal
    • HSP Diamond Certificate
    • Namibian trademark: "a token of eternal passion,"
    • POS materials
    • "Supplier of Choice" and "Naturally Namibian" affiliations with De Beers and Team Namibia respectively. 
    Our partnerships with Namibian jewelers ensure that HSP branded diamonds are delivered within a complete Namibian proposition - Namibian diamond jewellery. HSP has become the leading diamond brand in Namibia, available in most Namibian jewellers.

    Taking 'beneficiation' beyond its borders, HSP has focused on public awareness and provides factory tours and seminars. CNN's Eye on Namibia 

    The Government of Namibia further benefits from HSP's 'beneficiation' activities as polished diamonds sold in Namibia benefit state coffers in the form of VAT. 

    HSP's Managing Director, Burhan Seber, has taken a leading role in promoting Namibian diamonds and championing its interests globally. He is the Chairperson of the Diamond Manufacturers' Association of Namibia (DIAMAN), sits on the Diamond Board of Namibia and on the board of the International Diamond Manufacturers' Association (IDMA).   
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