Cutting & Polishing
HSP continues to invest heavily in its people, through continuous skill development and adoption of new technologies to facilitate their tasks. HSP's production workforce is 100% Namibian, including production management.

In order to do its share and help tackle the very high rate of unemployment amongst the young and unskilled, HSP focuses on recruitment in this sector of Namibian society for whom opportunities are sparse.

HSP provides full in-house training for its previously disadvantaged Namibian workforce, with over a 60% female representation, who today are recognized as some of the best cutters in the country. Our veteran Namibian staff train new recruits to pass on their skills, thus creating a sustainable operation. The staff enjoy competitive salaries and a range of benefits.

A staff committee in the company is responsible for employee interests and activities, which is funded by the company. They run competitive football, netball and volleyball teams.

Most HSP staff are additionally represented by a recognized union - Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN), with which HSP engages in annual negotiations.
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