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Cutting & Polishing
HSP continues to invest heavily in technology, always the first to adopt the latest technology in Namibia. HSP uses the full line of Sarin Technologies’ planning, marking and Quazer laser-sawing systems to process its rough diamonds to 'triple-excellent' polished make.  

HSP’s complete production is processed through the Sarin Galaxy system to optimize value extraction at the planning stage. With this technology, the rough diamond is accurately mapped both inside for inclusions and outside for shape and damages caused by nature. This allows for immediate estimation of polished outcome before any work is done on the rough. Every stage can then accurately be tracked and measured as per initial projected outcome through Sarin's integrated systems.

The Fantasy system is used for tracking stock, production rate, performance of staff and general security. It also manages stock for trading purposes, allowing quick response to client's requests.  
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