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Debmarine Namibia
Debmarine Namibia (Pty) Limited is owned wholly by Namdeb Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which itself is a 50/50 joint venture between the Government of the Republic of Namibia and De Beers Centenary AG.

The company mines off the south west coast of Namibia in the Atlantic 1 license area. Debmarine Namibia operates a fleet of five mining vessels operating in Namibia's waters. The vessels are mv Debmar Atlantic, mv Debmar Pacific, mv !Gariep, mv. Peace in Africa and mv Grand Banks.

Fast increasing in importance in the last decade, today Debmarine Namibia accounts for more than half the total diamond production in Namibia. Offshore deposits are estimated to be 80 million carats.

Mining takes place on the ocean floor at water depths ranging from 70 to 140 meters. Diamonds are recovered in a completely sealed environment with no human interaction.

The rehabilitation of marine mining environment occurs naturally, once the mining has been completed in a particular area. All aspects of operations are carefully considered and managed through the implementation of an Environmental Management System certified to the international standard ISO14001, in pursuance of the highest levels of environmental management.

Debmarine Namibia is set to remain the leading marine diamond mining company in the world. Through a commitment to ensuring long-term sustainability, strategic partnerships and active stakeholder engagement, as well as clear focus on its medium and long-term goals, the Company will continue to live up to its mission of delivering value to its shareholders and stakeholders. It is increasingly becoming the most important source of diamonds for Namibia.
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