Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC)
NDTC was established in 2007 as a 50/50 joint venture between the De Beers group and the Namibian government. "The key focus of the NDTC is to drive the growth of domestic diamond manufacturing industry and the creation of a sustainable downstream diamond industry in the country."

All diamonds produced by the mining companies Namdeb and Debmarine Namibia are sorted, valued and sold by the NDTC. 90% of its production is sold directly to the Diamond Trading Company International (DTCI), soon to be based in Gabarone. The remaining 10% is allocated to the local diamond cutting and polishing factories.

NDTC's mandate to supply the local diamond cutting and polishing industry is to drive job creation and value creation from its diamond resources. In so doing, it is to support in-country marketing initiatives, helping to create brands that will focus on Namibian consumers and tourists. An NDTC client is referred to as an NDTC Sightholder. Sightholders enjoy a regular supply of rough diamonds assorted to meet their needs in manufacturing.

To become an NDTC Sightholder, applicants undergo stringent tests, measuring their financial capacity, technical expertise, marketing capability, 'beneficiation' proficiency and corporate social responsibility through the Best Practice Principles program. The process is highly competitive and successful candidates become part of the 'Supplier of Choice' partnership and are considered world class diamantaires. 

NDTC, since its inception, has eleven NDTC Sightholders, amongst whom HSP being one of the first. DTCI, including NDTC, has less than eighty Sightholders worldwide, and this number is continually decreasing, reflecting industry dynamics and decreasing levels of this finite natural resource.

NDTC, in collaboration with DTCI, facilitates the Shining Light Awards to promote local jewellery designers on an international platform.
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