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Shining Light Awards
Created to show the world the wealth of design talent that exists in Southern Africa using nature's most remarkable and finest creation: diamonds. The Shining Light Awards unites African heritage to create an internationally appealing and unique collection of diamond jewellery.

This competition takes places individually in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. It invites local artists and jewellery designers alike, amateurs and professionals, to sketch out their designs. The finalists are sponsored by Sightholders to convert their dreams into realities.

HSP has entered the competition two of three times that it has taken place in Namibia.

In 2008, sponsoring Andre Canto from Canto Goldsmith & Jewellers, HSP won the first prize in the competition with Andre's Diamond Tatoo design. Inspired by body tatoos, this intricate 18kt white gold masterpiece is studded with 685 diamonds that snake around the neck as a chocker and runs down the smooth back of a lady, ending with a 3ct GIA fancy-green marquise-cut. The Diamond Tatoo weighs 115gr and has 35 carats of diamonds. It can be split in two pieces, allowing the chocker to be worn independently.

In 2010, sponsoring Isai Aindongo who is a Namibian goldsmith and art teacher from Oshikango, HSP won the third prize in the competition with Isai's Omba Diamond Pendant. Inspired mother nature's wealth in diversity and change, this stunning piece exhibits many colors of gold and diamonds that exist, in many of its states. As its centerpiece, it boasts HSP's proprietary cut, the Namibian Sun. The gold pendant has 137 diamonds ranging in size from 3 carats to 0.25 carats and which weigh 110 carats in total. Omba Diamond Pendant weighs nearly 80gr with its 22kt gold.
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