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The Diamond Manufacturers' Association of Namibia (DIAMAN)
DIAMAN was created in 2008 as a non-profit organization to represent the interests' of the Namibian diamond cutting and polishing industry.

DIAMAN's mission is threefold:
  1. to facilitate a conducive and sustainable working environment to make Namibia a world-class diamond cutting and polishing center, and thus maximize the international competitiveness of Namibian diamond cutters and polishers; 
  2. to beneficiate the Namibian diamond industry in specific and Namibia in general through foreign investment, job creation, skill transfer and value addition; and 
  3. to meet corporate social responsibilities to better the life of the greater Namibian community.
DIAMAN members employ 1,200 skilled Namibians and export world-class polished diamonds around the world with an annual turnover of approximately NAD 1.5 billion.

Burhan Seber is one of the founding members and is the current Chairperson since 2008.

DIAMAN sits on the Namibia Diamond Board and is part of a trio think-tank with NDTC and chaired by the Ministry of Mines and Energy for the diamond industry, represented by its Chairperson.

DIAMAN represents Namibia's interest on the international stage through its full membership in the International Diamond Manufacturers' Association (IDMA), represented by its Chairperson.  
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