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Republic of Namibia
Namibia's seemingly arid character belies striking richness in landscapes, wildlife, people and diamonds - a woman's most desired possession. Namibia's rich alluvial diamond deposits, both on and offshore, provide it with the world's finest gem-quality diamond source.

Previously known as Southwest Africa, Namibia gained its independence on March 21, 1990. It is a young nation rapidly growing. True to its motto "We build on diamonds", Namibia adopted the best technologies and environmental safeguards in order to maximize its benefits from diamonds while protecting its equally valuable landscape and wildlife. At nearly 10% of GDP, diamonds contribute to the building of Namibian economic and social infrastructure.

Namibia enacted the Diamond Act of 1990, ratified in 1999, in order to create sustainable 'beneficiation' out of its diamonds for its people. HSP answered that call and was one of the first to open a diamond cutting and polishing factory in Namibia.

Today, Namibia is not only a leading producer, but is also a world-class diamond-manufacturing hub.
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