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Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia
True to its motto "We build on diamonds", Namibia adopted the best technologies and ecological safeguards to capitalize on its rich diamond resources while protecting its equally valuable landscapes and wildlife. At nearly 10% of GDP, diamonds are a significant contributor to the building of Namibia's social and economic infrastructure.

For the sustainable benefit of the nation, the ministry's core responsibility is "to protect the Diamond Industry of Namibia from smuggling and other illicit activities and to promote the diversification and integration of the industry into the rest of the economy." This task is the responsibility of the Diamond Commissioner's office, Mr. Kennedy Hamutenya, and his team, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Mines & Energy.  

The Namibian Diamond Board was created to advise the Minister of all diamond affairs and to facilitate the promotion of Namibian diamonds. HSP's managing director, Burhan Seber, represents the manufacturing industry on this Diamond Board.

The Diamond Act of 1990 was enacted to create sustainable 'beneficiation' with diamonds for the Namibian people through the promise of supply for a diamond cutting and polishing industry. HSP answered that call and was one of the first to open such a factory in Namibia. Today, Namibia is not only a leading producer, but is also a world-class diamond-manufacturing center.

The Kimberley Process and its certification scheme to safeguard the diamond industry from 'conflict diamonds' was developed in Southern Africa under the leadership of Namibia and its regional neighbors. Today, the KP Certification scheme has eliminated the threat of conflict diamonds and continues to monitor for any risks.

Namibia offers diamonds that are responsibly mined, that seek the best interest of its people and are a testimony to the love they carry.
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