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Namibian Jewellers
Commonly family owned businesses, they specialize on hand craft work to realize their masterpieces, Namibian jewellers are able to offer exclusive Namibian design jewellery.

Supported by HSP's brands and products, Namibian jewellers have for the first time been able to offer truly Namibian diamond jewellery, not only able to guarantee source, but also provide the proprietary Namibian Sun® cut diamond, which is only sold in Namibia. Exclusive designs have been created from our Free-Style Cuts, like the triangular rough-like diamond pendant. These partnerships have created a unique product offering for the consumer.

HSP has provided seminars and other services to further educate and inform Namibian jewellers of the diamond pipeline, helping the industry improve consumer confidence.

Namibian Jewellers have been active in the Shining Light Awards.  In partnership with local jewellers, HSP won first prize in 2008 with the Diamond Tattoo and the runner-up prize in 2010 with the Omba Diamond Pendant.

HSP diamonds can be found at most Namibian jewellers.
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