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HSP Branding
HSP's success lies in its source-based branding initiative associated with the world's highest quality diamonds.

Consumers being more apprehensive towards corporate social governance than ever, and competition to the consumer being much tougher, 'source-branding' allows a unique opportunity to distinguish HSP diamonds from the rest, resulting in a distinct competitive advantage.

HSP's Namibian branding strategy is in two grades: 1. 'Cut in Namibia;' and 2. complimented by 'source-branding'. Grade 1 is applicable to all HSP diamonds, since all manufacturing processes are done in-house by Namibians. Grade 2 is restricted to supply of Namibian rough origin and is distinguished by its proprietary Namibian Sun® cut.

'Cut in Namibia' label is the consumer's guarantee that both the diamonds and workmanship is of premium quality and under the highest principles of corporate governance.

'Source-branding' concept is unique in creating a purely Namibian diamond product, achieved by strictly using Namibian raw materials, skills, workforce, concepts, designs, etc... which can be thoroughly tracked. End-consumers can trace the origin and history of their jewellery piece.

HSP's Namibian branding assets include its proprietary: the Namibian Sun® cut, the HSP Diamond Certificate, the HSP Diamond Seal, and the HSP trademark.

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