HSP Polished Diamonds
HSP processes both 'Aggregated' and 'Unaggregated' rough diamonds distributed by the NDTC. The former is sourced from London, comprising of rough from all DeBeers owned mines, including Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada. Namibian Unaggregated rough supply is a run of the mine from Namdeb and De Beers Marine Namibia. This split supply allows HSP to offer a generic and source-based polished diamonds.

HSP developed a complete Namibian branding strategy in order to take full advantage of the value added potential of the Namibian Unaggregated rough supply. The customer proposition offered by HSP is a 100% Naturally Namibian diamond - from diamond, labor and design to finished diamond jewelry. In order to achieve this, HSP developed its proprietary Namibian SunĀ® diamond cut - unique to Namibia. HSP also offers polished diamonds, sourced from Aggregated rough supply, under the branding of 'Cut in Namibia', and thus still offering an ethically responsible product. Most HSP diamonds are cut to triple-Excellent standard, to meet the global standard for top cut quality diamonds.
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