Namibian Sun®
The concept was inspired by the sun on the Namibian National flag, incorporating both its powerful glare and the flares of its ethnic diversity. The Namibian Sun® cut is the first and still only successful proprietary Namibian cut.

This patented cut is used only on Namibian rough origin, to create a unique product offering to the consumer. This source branding strategy allows for the consumer to own a part of Namibia, and know that only in Namibia can this unique proposition be found.

An independent laboratory report performed by the WTOCD of the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD) in Antwerp, Belgium, has concluded that the Namibian Sun® possesses greater attributes both in light return (+8%) and contrast (+1%) than the classic brilliant.

The Namibian Sun® made its debut at the 2005 International Diamond Omugongo. In a gold pendant designed and hand crafted by Canto Goldsmith & Jewellers, the Namibian Sun® diamond was set with a 220 year-old ekipa, an ornament traditionally worn by the Owambo tribe. Named the Ekipa, it symbolized the fusion of long tradition with innovation in this land of contrasts. The piece was auctioned off for the benefit of the Michelle McLean Children's Trust. The buyer, Diamdel Namibia, donated this unique Namibian diamond masterpiece to the First Lady of Namibia.

A Namibian Sun® is featured in Nampost's Centennial Diamond Discovery 2008 Stamp Collection, celebrating the occasion by recognizing key accomplishments in the Namibian diamond industry in the last 100 years since its discovery that has changed the landscape of Namibia. This cemented the Namibian Sun® in the history of the Namibian diamond industry.

A Namibian Sun® was presented in a unique diamond jewellery pendant as the diamond prize for Miss Namibia 2010, Odile Gertz, ambassador for the Namibian diamond industry. The hand crafted 22kt gold piece by local goldsmith Hartlief Nangolo was complimentary to the design of the Namibian Sun®.

The Namibian Sun® is offered to jewellers in Namibia in its proprietary HSP Tamper-Proof Diamond Seal accompanied with its proprietary HSP Diamond Certificate. It carries the Team Namibia "Naturally Namibian" logo. Like all HSP products, the Namibian Sun® is supported by HSP's trademark: "a token of eternal passion®."

The Namibian Sun® has gained a lot of interest and demand by the local jewellery industry, as it is an absolutely unique Namibian proposition, thus creating a unique opportunity for visiting consumers while providing a piece of national pride for citizen consumers.
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