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HSP Polished Diamonds
HSP processes rough diamonds from various De Beers owned mines, including Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada. Namibian Unaggregated rough supply, from Namdeb and Debmarine Namibia, is kept separate and used for HSP's Namibian branding. All rough sources are from ethically responsible suppliers and HSP guarantees the highest level of corporate standards to its clients.

The Namibian Sun®
Inspired by the Namibian national flag, it is 100% Naturally Namibian - from diamond source, labor, design to finished polished diamond. Recognized to have greater brilliance than the classic brilliant, the Namibian Sun® enjoys popularity amongst both Namibian consumers and visitors alike for being a truly unique, 100% Namibian and only available in Namibia. It is the most recognized diamond brand in Namibia. Read more...

Classic Brilliant 
HSP produces classic brilliant cut diamonds branded with 'Cut in Namibia', to distinguish them as ethically responsible products. Most HSP diamonds are cut to triple-excellent standard, to meet the global standard for top cut quality diamonds. 

Free-Style Cut
HSP offers a free-style cut to optimize value for rough diamonds that are unique in their natural shape and are of Namibian origin. These are popular amongst jewelers who desire to distinguish themselves from the traditional market, where they can offer absolutely unique pieces to their clients. 

HSP Diamond Certificate
The HSP Diamond Certificate is a 'passport' for HSP polished diamonds. It provides all the relevant information on the diamond's characteristics and source. These come in both classic brilliant and Namibian Sun® versions. The certificates can be checked online for authenticity and provide added consumer confidence. 

HSP Tamper-Proof Diamond Seal
The HSP Tamper Proof Seal guarantees that the polished diamond in its seal is genuine and as delivered from the factory, matching its identity number, carat and descriptions. These come in both classic brilliant and Namibian Sun® versions. The security seal is permanently broken if opened or tampered with. 
HSP Trademark
"A token of eternal passion"® is HSP's trademark. It emphasizes the gift of a diamond, and not the diamond as the gift. The diamond offered represents much more than just the rock, but the eternal feelings of love, friendship, commitment and happiness.

P.O.S. Pamphlets & Brochures
HSP POS collateral is supplied to further inform the consumer on HSP products and services.

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