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HSP Services
Services are the support tools jewellers require to best serve their customers. They are the key a fully satisfied end-user.

Financing - A thorough product proposition is essential to meet the needs a discerning consumer. HSP finances its partners to provide the largest product offering possible on location.

Dedicated sales & support team - Our team provides access to HSP's larger stock guarantees immediate same day response to maximize sale opportunities. They also share information on markets, consumer trends and other relevant information.

Seminars - Information is key in securing consumer confidence. HSP seminars to jewellery companies and their staff are designed to give the necessary background on both the diamond pipeline and international trends.

Marketing Campaigns - In cooperation with NDTC and Namibian jewelers, HSP engages in diamond marketing, with the objective of developing currently untapped occasions in Namibia, like Valentine. Today, the HSP brand is the only recognized polished diamond brand in Namibia.

Web-based Support - The HSP website is B2B and B2C in design. It allows clients to check our stock list available to them on short notice. Clients and consumers can also utilize the website for general information and verify the authenticity of their HSP Diamond Certificate, as well as links to other international certificates we offer.

Weekly News Feed - Being informed and up to date to a crucial advantage. HSP circulates a weekly update of market news, developments, price changes as well as advisories to its customers so they remain fully informed.

Supplier of Choice
- As an NDTC Sightholder, HSP clients and consumers are guaranteed that they are in partnership with a leading global 'diamantaire', running its business under strict Best Practice Principles, assuring the highest ethical and CSR practices.

Team Namibia
- Providing a purely Namibian product, HSP products bear the Team Namibia logo "Naturally Namibian." The "Naturally Namibian" campaign is to promote Namibian companies, products and services which are substantially helping to stimulate sustainable economic growth, thereby minimizing unemployment and alleviating poverty, which in turn will lead to improved social and economic conditions.

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